Athol Elementary

School Wide Positive Behavior

Playground Expectations

Safe, Responsible, Respectful

Positive Behavior Support provides an opportunity for consistent and fair behavior for all students at Athol Elementary. Research shows that students achieve at a higher level when they know the expectations and feel safe. Our SWPBS plan provides detailed expectations (matrix) in every area of the school. Our plan focuses on three areas: Safe, Responsible, Respectful Our goal: To create the perfect environment for enhancing growth. To tune the school environment to your students’ needs—motivating them to be the best they can be, supporting them through personal crises, and ensuringtheir physical and emotional safety.

Winter Weather Expectations

Eagle Hero Club

Eagle Hero.PNG

Athol Elementary honors students who follow the guidelines for success (found in the behavior matrix).  Students may receive an "Eagle Hero Slip" from any member or the staff.  The slip identifies what the student did to be recognized for being safe, responsible and/or respectful.   The student submits the slip to the office and is announced during the morning announcements as being an "Eagle Hero".  The hero gets to put their name on the Hero board in the front entry bulletin board for all to see!  Each week 5 hero students are randomly chosen to receive ice cream during lunch on Friday.  


Each classroom has a “bucket” which holds blue dots.  Students may earn a blue dot from any staff member for making safe, responsible and respectful choices.  When the classroom bucket fills up, students in that classroom earns a reward determined by the students and teacher.